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Hello and welcome to my homepage. My name is Mora, and I will Become your Mistress, your Dominatrix, I will BE your Goddess. First I hope you like my new design. Let Me know what you think please!

I know you are here to learn more about Me. I hope you enjoy what you find here, I will be placing some images of myself. Be sure to always check My news page to see the changes and what I am up to.

Become My slave and embrace your destiny. You will serve Me with each breath you draw. You will worship Me with every moment of your existence. You will no longer be your own, for you will live for Me. I will be your Life. I will become your Obsession.

Pictures From My Life

All About Me

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So you want to know more about me? My mystery is part of my allure, fueling men’s fascination with Me. I am Beautiful. I am Demanding. I am Intelligent. I am Powerful. My mere presence Demands attention. Striking looks, the body of a Goddess, a sharp fiery wit, an awe-inspiring Presence, and a Magnetism that draws slaves like moths to the flame... This is a mere glimpse at all that is Mora

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Now that you have learned a little about me, have I wet your appetite? Do you want to come to Me and share something special? Do you want to slip into the private recess ea of my world and share with the most intimate of talks?

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